Leveraging the Power of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become an important tool to measure performance and improvement in the automotive refinish industry. Refinish Hours per Booth per Day is a metric shops of all sizes can use to improve cycle times and profitability.

Refinish Hours per Booth per Day helps the shop manager understand how efficiently his or her shop is using one of its largest and most expensive resources:

The spray booth.

Inefficient spray booth operation causes immediate and significant negative effects on shop profitability.

To calculate Refinish Hours per Booth per Day, divide the number of refinish hours completed in a given time period by the number of spray booths in the shop. Divide this result by the number of working days in the time period to determine the shop's refinish hours per booth per day.

To demonstrate, take the following example:

Michael worked out of one spray booth last month.... Read More

News from the Pit: Jamie McMurray - Driving for success in life as well as NASCAR

NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray recognizes the importance of having a "super slick" paint finish on any NASCAR race car he drives. That's why he's proud to be driving his No. 1 Cessna/McDonald's Chevrolet SS with Sherwin-Williams paint for team Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates. "For anyone who attends a NASCAR race, it's the impact of the beautiful and shiny paint that fans are always looking for," says McMurray. "It's the quality of the paint and how well it's applied that contributes to a fast car. Sherwin-Williams does a great job of that."

Best known for winning the 2002 UAW-GM Quality 500 as a substitute driver in his second Cup start, McMurray is one of only three drivers to win both the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400 in the same year.

It's no surprise that McMurray's all-time favorite paint scheme was on the car he drove for the 2010 Brickyard... Read More

TECH TIPS: Air Compressors in the Automotive Service & Repair Industry

There are many applications which require compressed air in the automotive service and repair industry. Examples include operation of an extensive array of pneumatic tools, vehicle lifts, fluid dispensing systems and tire mounting equipment. Some may consider the air compressor to be a necessary evil: It is an expensive piece of equipment to purchase and operate, but it does not directly contribute to profitability. This is not the case, however, as compressed air is vital to every automotive service and repair facility. The air compressor can lower energy costs and increase productivity and profitability when properly installed and operated.

These important tips have been prepared to help service facility owners and operators make the right air compressor selection and minimize the cost impact of its installation and use.

Sizing Your System: The power of a compressor and size of its air tank should be based on the average free air... Read More

The Power Behind 3M™ Abrasive Power Tools

A Q & A with 3M's Marketing Manager for 3M Power Tools

Quality construction of an orbital sander is a combination of robust production as well as robust design. 3M File Belt SanderOutstanding tool design allows the technician the ability to command continuous control of the tool, enjoy ergonomic comfort, limit tool vibration and, of course, perform safely while handling the tool. Every component in a quality orbital sander is important. The composite cover, aluminum body, internal muffler, air valve, lever and grip, not to mention tool height and weight, all play an integral part in the creation of a great orbital sander.

3M Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

That's why Sherwin-Williams set up an exclusive partnership with 3M Power Tools, Abrasives and Accessories. We know what it takes to make a great orbital sanders like the 3M's File... Read More


Spokane-based auto remarketer & Sherwin-Williams growing customer relationships through NASCAR event partnership

"There are so many pluses that come to mind when I view our partnership with Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes," says Len Roll, reconditioning manager for Spokane,WA-based DAA Northwest. "But first and foremost, it's how responsive our representatives from Sherwin-Williams have been."

DAA Northwest

DAA Northwest has remained an independent family-owned company dominating the Spokane area's auto remarketing industry with its multitude of services, including reconditioning, inspections, transportation and inventory financing. It offers registered dealers 800-1500 units for auction each week, and as many as 3,500 at special events, and also serves specialty dealers with designated MotorSports, RV and Heavy Metal (mechanically or cosmetically-challenged) auctions. For the past three years, the company has been rated #1 in Spokane Living magazine as the best auto body paint and restoration company.

When... Read More